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Why Local Huntsville, AL Seo Optimization Is Good For Your Business

Increasingly search is becoming more local as customers search local sources for specific information related to their community. It is therefore vital that local Huntsville businesses review their website and conduct a proper SEO optimization in order to rank for local search.

To get an understanding of how important local SEO is to your business consider this fact: over 80 percent of home buyers search online to buy a home. It is also not a secret that tools such as phone books and yellow pages are going out of vogue.

It is also vital to show in local Google, Yahoo and Bing search because although concentration on a broader search may result in more traffic, local search has better sales conversion.

The Importance of Keywords

The first thing you should do is an analysis of your keywords. Do you have keywords relevant to your business included in your content, title and meta tags? Do you include alt tags to your images? Are your headings appropriated worded? Does your media, such as videos properly titled?

Optimizing your keywords gives search engines a better understanding of what your site is all about. Two warnings are in order: use only keywords that are related to the subject and do not stuff (high concentration of the same keywords) your content with keywords. Use them in moderation, nothing extenuating.

For instance if you are writing about dentists in Huntsville your keywords could be, Dentist Huntsville, Alabama, Dental work in North Alabama, Orthodontist in Huntsville, AL, etc. A quick search on Google Adwords Keyword tool can give you some ideas as to the key phrases people use when browsing for services in your industry.

Other ways you can use keywords or keyphrase are as exact match, with free shipping and other customer incentives in title tag, to reinforce your brand proposition, using a variation of keywords in niche categories, in action ways such as "buy online" or "Free Shipping", and in long tail keywords.

Get into Google Places

To appear in Google local / Google places / Google map you can just include your address and phone number on your website. When Google crawl your pages they will identify your address tags and include them in its map.

However, to ensure your business is included you can log into Google places and submit your business. Embedding a map of your location on your contact page will also facilitate the process. If all these does not work optimize your profile in Google places and ensure that you have the proper category and description inserted.

Comments and Reviews are Good

Comments and reviews are big. Search engine are looking into what customers think about your business. Add your listing to Yelp.com, FourSquare and other social sites. Encourage your customers to write reviews. Positive reviews have positive effects not only on ranking but the reaction of potential customers.

Get a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page set up. The more social placement you have the better, as long as you can update and monetize them on a regular basis.

Fresh Interesting Content is a Plus

Search engines includes how often you update your website as a factor in their serp algorithm. Try updating your website on a regular basis with relevant content that makes Google happy, but equally important, is an interest to customers.

Information on how things are done, where to get deals and fresh offerings are always interesting. If writing is not your thing, then you might want to consider hiring a content writer. You can hire a content writer for as low as $10 an article on sites like elance.

In addition, encourage users to post comments on your site as well as your social media pages. User generated content can be very organic and should be encouraged.

Be Part of the Commumity

Participating in Huntsville community forums, writing for community blogs and joining community networking sessions are fantastic ways to promote your website. Post articles on local community websites and ask networking partners if you can publish a guest post.

Give free presentation to local groups and post a link to the presentation on your site for attendees to download. Ask local partners and business associates to exchange links, etc.

Mobile Search

With an ever-increasing number of people using mobile to search, it is vital that you set up your website for mobile user to easy browse and quickly get what hey are searching for. There are different options out there. You can build an app, create a website just for mobile users or do a combination.

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