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Using Great Content To Increase Links To Your Huntsville Website

There are a lot of content writers who compose mundane content and expect a receive link love and positive feedback. In life we get what we give, we reap what we sow. Great content, full of valuable information will get twitted, commented on, mentioned on Facebook, referred to by other webmasters, emailed to friends, and get relinked over and over again.

Meaning, your content must be link worthy to get linked. On a serious note, creating mediocre content can be disastrous to your brand and can even result in getting links from not so kosher websites which could eventuate in getting hit with a Google Penguin penalty.

Here are five ways you can increase link worthy content:

Start by creating solid relationships with other avid online marketers and social media followers

Search on Facebook for people within your industry and start following them. Search for mega twitters, people with a large twitter list or following and start a relationship with them. Post positive twits about their twits and carve out strong liaison with them. By sending out positive vibrations with your encounterers people will immediately start to follow you and develop an interest in your content and will reciprocate.

Do guest blog post with really good content and build yourself as an authority within your niche. People will begin to follow you and link to your content as your authority grows by posting highly desired content on a frequent basis.

Google+ is also a great way to identify groups of people with similar interest as yours. Search for people by keywords and join Huntsville groups, thrust yourself into the conversation without trying to be a sales agent for your business.

Creating content at specific dates

People are always looking for places to visit and things to do. Write content about local festivals or events celebrating national holidays. Write articles about the list of places and organization hosting local and international events during that time. Event goers will likely twit and post comments about your post on social media sites and blogs creating instant links.

Creating content with list

People are always searching item by list. Content with top ten list seems to do very well. A list of the ten best places to eat, the best places for couples to go, the deals for small businesses, the top web designers in Huntsville, the greatest tools to make life easier, the quickest way to accomplish task are some of the things you can write about. Think of people in the Huntsville area, particular people within your niche, and what information would be most helpful to them.

Creating content about groups and companies

It is always good to know about others blogging about your business, posting a twit about a promotion or publicizing your organization's events. We tend to like people who like us or create a loyalty to companies whose managers were extremely nice to us. Posting positive content about small businesses and organizations in the Huntsville / North Alabama area will make them more inclined to link to your website as a gesture of appreciation.

Make Your Content More Sharable

Give others the option of sharing your content. Add an "email this to a friend" form so that visitors who find your post interesting can send your content to friends. Add Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter buttons at the end of your content so that others can bookmark your content or re post it on social media sites.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to organically increase your links. Link building can be expensive and time consuming. Creating really special content makes it easy.

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