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Seo Basics: What You Need To Know About Google

Nearly all businesses now are using SEO to further optimize their website thereby increasing exposure. If you are a newbie, you cannot just rely on traditional marketing in order to get a higher market share. Before you get an SEO agency that can help you implement the right SEO strategies, there are things that you need to know about Google and SEO. 

Some would ask as to why the spotlight is always on Google. For one, this is the most popular website in the world. This is also one of the best search engines to use drawing billions of online users every month. There are about 12 billion queries that are sent each month with over 15 million websites connected to Analytics tool.

Changes in Google

If you want to implement effective SEO strategies, you need to know that Google changes constantly. It is always changing its algorithm and guidelines and  you have to keep up with search trends. Like for instance, before paid links might work. But now paid links can put you in the Google box. When Google made changes with its algorithm, the focus now shifts to providing quality content instead of paid links and other link building methods. Directories have become less relavant.

Instead of wasting your resources, you might as well provide quality, informative and SEO rich content to attract more potential clients. So basically, your business must adapt to Google.

Gain Competitive Edge with Google

When all businesses utilize SEO techniques, you can expect that even your competitors also do the same. If you know how to use Google to your advantage, you can definitely gain competitive edge. However, this is easier said than done. More often than not, there are many business owners who would think that mere having a website is enough. But in reality, it is more than just having online presence. You need to keep on improving your site and boost your online ranking if you want to be competitive. Great content, frequent updates and community building is the key

How will you be able to do this?

To fully optimize your site, you need to know how Google operates. In this aspect, it is strongly recommended that you hire SEO experts who know exactly the necessary strategies that would fit the criteria of Google in determining website rankings. No wonder your huge competitors are willing to spend a huge amount just to ensure that they can leverage Google.

Google, More Than Just a Search Engine

Although Google is one of the biggest search engine, they have further expanded. Keep in mind that Google owns and runs the firmware used for all Android mobile devices. That is why you need to know the intricacies along with the benefits that you can get in using Google platforms. For instance, you can use Google Plus, YouTube, Google Places, etc. for your marketing campaign.

Importance of User Experience

In addition to quality online content and social media integration, user experience is one factor that Google uses to determine your ranking. This only means that you need to ensure that your site loads fast, efficient and highly responsive. The rationale behind this is simple. You would end up losing potential clients if your site is too difficult to browse and access.

Importance of Business Information

With Google constantly changing and with its Knowledge Graph technology, you need to know how Google uses the information you provide to assess your site's ranking and performance. In the upcoming years, trends and updates will still change. But what is important is that you are knowledgeable and updated. You need to tailor your website to Google's criteria in order not to lag behind.

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