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Rets Idx Web Developer For North Alabama Valley Mls Paragon System

RETS or Real Estate Transaction Standard is a common database system responsible for storing and retrieving real estate information from multiple listing services such as Valley MLS, which serves the Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Athens and other cities in the North Alabama area.

A few months ago, Valley MlS opted to use the Paragon system to provide the database information system that its over 2300 realtors will use.

RETS feeds which uses a DMQL database system (coding similar to MySql CRUD) can be complicated. .

There can also be major variances between the MLS system or the RETS Version. For instance the MLS Number variable in the Tennessee RETS system is stored in the MlsNum column While for the Valley MLS Paragon system it is stored in the L_ListingID column.

If you are developing a real estate application that depends on Paragon RETS IDX feeds, you will need a developer who has experience working with RETS.

I have experienced with a number of RETS feeds and data parsing applications.

I have a passion for web development that allows me to treat my clients with uncompromising integrity. Give me a call. Let's get to work on your next RETS application.

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