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Local Seo: Ways To Optimize Website Rank For Multiple Locations

Local SEO is widely used by businesses and brands in order to be more visible and competitive in the online market. There are various reasons why it is very essential. For one, search engines like Google and others actually use location data when displaying online search results.

When a client searches for a particular product, good or service, they tend to include cities, states and region. For smaller brands, local SEO is surely useful to optimize your website's ranking. Even small businesses can now compete with the help of effective local SEO strategies.

Google Plus Local

Google plus is popular not just among online users but even to local business as well. Although directory listings aren't as popular as before, they are still useful. One of the best is Google+ Local which was previously known as Google Place. With Google+ Local, you can have your own listing per phone number. Just make sure that you read Google's policies and guidelines. Since these listings are integrated into Google's platform, this allows you to maximize your search visibility.

State/City-Specific Pages

Using state/city-specific pages is one effective way for your website to rank for multiple locations. Matt Cutts, Google's head of web spam, says that individual rich content pages are a plus for local SEO. According to Cutts, for every location, it should have its own URL and that every page should, the URL should be included in the sitemap.

This allows Google and other search engines to index the content. Like for example in Babies Etc, a local Huntsville OBGYN, every doctor has his/her own dedicated bio page where they post their photos and other contact information. In doing this, it is important to keep in mind that every content should be unique in order to avoid penalties.

Schema and Structured data

Schema is used to improve click-through rate for many years now. When a user searches online, the traditional search results include a page title, site's URL and site's description. All of these details are pulled from the site's meta data. Schema helps businesses and brands to broaden certain information displayed to users.

Citation Services

Another effective way is through the use of citation services. In this case, it is important to emphasize the importance of NAP consistency. This is the key to citation building. It is essential that both the data and the format are consistent. You need to be consistent with your website's details. Although Google has the ability to decipher inconsistencies, it is still better to utilize standard formatting to drive leads.

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