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Is Link Building Still Effective For Local Seo?

Link building is widely used by businesses and website owners to further boost their website's visibility and to fare better in search engine rankings. The idea is that since Google and other search engines use outbound and inbound links to determine a website's ranking and performance, many businesses would utilize various link building methods to achieve the goal.

If you happen to be a new to webpage optimization and desire your business to be competitive online, you should be aware of the recent changes. Without a doubt, link building already did its job. Before, this technique was highly utilized by SEO professionals not until Google made significant changes.

Just recently, there are updates with Panda and Penguin algorithm which render link building not highly effective now. As a result of these algorithm updates, there are a lot of websites that are penalized. Some companies experienced a drop in website rankings. This can negatively impact a business especially small and local business. So, to avoid further going down the ranks, you might as well use other SEO strategies that would benefit your site based on the updates made by Google.

Provide Quality and Informative Content

Before, you can often find various articles all written for link building purposes. Although some of them might be informative and created with quality, there are several of them that lack substance mainly because they were created for the purpose of boosting the site's ranking. But with the recent updates, the focus now shifts to the online users-your target audience.

As such, it is essential that you provide quality, informative and SEO rick content to online users. For instance, if you are running an insurance company, you definitely have to provide content that will benefit your business and website. That only means that you need to write content related to insurance targeting readers and online users who need certain content about insurance. You may want to write useful tips, info about insurance, etc. Coupled with the right keywords, you get to attract more visitors to access your site.

Create a Blog

Your site's activity and how often the pages are changed and updated are also examined by search engines. That is why it is crucial that your website is updated. Since you cannot update certain info on your website regularly, many would create their own blogs and include it in their website. Through their blogs, they can write articles related to their businesses thereby enticing more potential customers and clients.

Importance of Social Media

Inbound links can be hard to control. But there are different ways for you to get online users to access your site's content. One of the most effective ways is for you to link your website to your social media accounts. There are a lot of people who have their own social media profiles. Most of the time they use social media to share different online content. When you are active in social networks and your site is updated, you can definitely use this to your advantage.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are great platform to connect and share with others. These networks add potential for being to share your content and link to your pages

Optimized for Mobile Use

Another way that you can do to have more effective local SEO is to make sure that your website is also optimized for mobile use. There are now a lot of people who use their smartphones, tablets and other gadgets to access the Internet. If your website is not created for mobile use then it is very difficult for mobile users to clearly browse your website's content.

When link building is no longer that effective, you might as well use other methods in order to achieve the best results. In that way, you can avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

Participate in Local Events

Network with your local community. Every free event in Huntsville is a potential for free publicity. Send your event details to the Huntsville Times and Valley Plantet; post it on message boards of WHNT, WAFF; get it publish on Huntsville Urban Network and Rocket City Moms;  get linked on websites because you sponsored an event. There are many ways you can network in your local community to build awareness and increase link baiting.

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