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For Freelance Web Designers, How Much To Charge Your Clients

With the increasing number of businesses both small enterprises and huge companies wanting to create their own websites, the demand for web designers and web developers continues expand over the years.

When there is a great demand for such service, many web designers get to have enough opportunity to earn more. If you happen to be a freelance web designer, you can definitely work on your own pace while at the same time, earn bigger. 

However, there are things that you have to take into consideration before you start accepting projects. Remember that web design is also a highly competitive industry. There are a lot of freelance web designers who bid on a particular project. To increase your chances of getting high paying projects, you need to know how much to charge your clients.

Know More About the Project

The cost of your services depends on the specifications of the project or the kind of quality the client wants to have. Before you delve into the cost details, you need to evaluate the project first. For instance, you need to know what it will entail.

How many web pages do you have to create? When it comes to the design, is the client looking for a simple layout or a dynamic and highly complex design to draw more visitors.

When it comes to the content of the site, will the designer handle the content or will the client find a copywriter who can provide the content needed? Apart from these things, you need to know if there is flash, programming, scripting or other multimedia materials needed.

Another factor that affects the cost of web design is the requirement of client. If the client wants to have special requirements like support for older versions, ADA compatibility, mobile platform compatibility, etc. then the cost will definitely be higher. Based on the requirements and criteria of your client, you can adjust your prices.

Time Frame of the Project

When a client expects you to finish the web design project as soon as possible, you can definitely charge more. Clients who really need to launch their website are willing to pay the price just to get the job done. But just make sure that before you finally commit, you can indeed deliver what your client expects from you.

Work Experience

Another factor that can affect the prices you may offer to your clients is your work experience. When you have created highly successful web design projects from different clients, you can actually charge or bargain for a higher price. If you have other technical knowledge and skills like for instance programming, you can increase your prices.

Maintenance of the Website

Many clients fail to consider the long term maintenance of the website. Some of them would think that once a website is done and posted live, the work is over and done.

But with many business owners who use SEO for their businesses, it is important to consider the maintenance aspect. Does your client want you to cover the maintenance? If they do, have they included it in the cost? If they expect you to do the job then you might as well provide a separate contract just to make things clear.

Prevailing Web Design Rate

When there are many freelance web designers bidding for a particular project, you have to offer a competitive price. The last thing that you would want to happen is that you end up losing a client because your price is too high. Before you make your bid, you can compare the different rates offered by other web designers. In that way, you know just the reasonable rate to offer to your clients.

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