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Creating A Mobile Responsive Website

For businesses with websites, many would ask as to whether there is a need to create a mobile responsive website. This has been at the forefront of discussion among website owners. There are various reasons as to why your website should also be accessible to mobile platforms. Based on studies, mobile users would surpass desktop users in the United States by 2015.

When there are many people who now prefer to use their tablets and smart phones to access the web, you definitely have to adapt with the current trend. This is where the importance of having a mobile responsive website comes in. But before delving into the details, why is there even a need to have a responsive website?

Importance of a Responsive Website

mobile web designBusinesses want to provide good user experience to their customers and clients. Since Google and other search engines also take into consideration the responsiveness of a website to determine its ranking, you cannot take this aspect for granted. By having a responsive website, your potential customers and clients can easily get information about your business, your brand and the different products/services that you offer. If you have an e-commerce based business then you have to provide a responsive website.

Online users will be discouraged to access your site if it is too slow to load or if it is too difficult to navigate around. Considering the number of individuals using mobile devices, what happens if your site is not a mobile responsive website? Whenever they open your website, they will always encounter problems. To avoid this, careful planning is crucial.

Importance Considerations

There are essential considerations when you go about designing a website. The key steps would include research and scoping, wireframing, style and building the site.

Before the actual creation of the site, it is important to have a research. This is one of the most important phases in the design process. It always helps if you know what your target audience needs and what specific devices are they going to use. When you know what your target customers and clients need, it is much easier for you prioritize the specific content that you would want to appear in your mobile website.

In this process, you should also think of the technical considerations. How will your website look like if the person is using an iOS device or an Android phone? You need to know how the functionality of website changes.


Individuals use different gadgets and devices to access the Internet. The over-all look of your website when a person uses a tablet would differ when viewed using a smartphone. As such, it is important that you are at least knowledgeable with wireframing. You may want to consider the different options when it comes to the layout and the look of every page of your website given varying sizes.

Style Considerations

After you have considered the technical aspects, you can now start creating a mobile responsive website. To start off, you have to definitely the grid structure. You may want to create screen widths for desktop users, tablet users and smartphone users. Then, you can work on the different components of your website like the master template, the main navigation, footer and other important components.

Testing the Website

Before you finally finish the design process, you need to test the website as soon as you are done with your first wireframe. This allows you to examine and to check the mobile website using the relevant device. At least, you know if it is exactly how you want it to look like or if you want to make certain changes.

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