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The Evolution And The Changing Faces Of Enterprise Risk ManagementWed, 03 Dec
pEnterprise risk management is not easy to define but generally is considered to be a new discipline that calls for corporations identifying the risks that they have faced the risks that need to be managed actively and then to make a plan of action available to all the stake holders as a part of their annual reportsbr Business organizations when compared to ERM software need to focus not only on the downside of the risks but also the upside as wellbr br Whereas the traditional approach of these

E-commerce Holiday Tips For Increase SalesSat, 22 Nov
pNow that the holiday season is just around the corner almost everyone is busy For others this is the season to be jolly spending time with loved ones and buying gifts But for those who are in the a hrefhttpwwwhuntsvillewebdesignscomremarketingtoecommercecustomershtmlecommercea there are a lot of activities going on from planning to budgeting So if you are a first timer here are some of the tips that you can use to succeed this seasonbr br strongHave a Planstrongbr br With so many activities and

Rets Idx Web Developer For North Alabama Valley Mls Paragon SystemMon, 07 Jul
pRETS or Real Estate Transaction Standard is a common database system responsible for storing and retrieving real estate information from multiple listing services such as Valley MLS which serves the Huntsville Madison Decatur Athens and other cities in the North Alabama areappA few months ago Valley MlS opted to use the Paragon system to provide the database information system that its over 2300 realtors will useppRETS feeds which uses a DMQL database system coding similar to MySql CRUD can be

Back-end Cakephp Developer In HuntsvilleFri, 30 May
pI am a PHP MySql developer in Huntsville Alabama I primarily work with objectoriented MVC CakePHP Opencart IDX RETS DATAbr br I am looking for reliable projects to dive intobr br I love creating data processing scripts and working with large CSV data commandnbsp line php development and applicationbr br Great team playerbr Excellent coding and architectural skillsbr MBA in marketing Associate in Computer ScienceYears of training with PHPbr Mastery of PHP OOPbr PHP development with CakePHP MV

Local Seo: Ways To Optimize Website Rank For Multiple LocationsMon, 28 Apr
pLocal SEO is widely used by businesses and brands in order to be more visible and competitive in the online market There are various reasons why it is very essential For one search engines like Google and others actually use location data when displaying online search resultsppWhen a client searches for a particular product good or service they tend to include cities states and region For smaller brands a hrefhttpwwwhuntsvillewebdesignscomlocal SEOa is surely useful to optimize your websites ra

Increase Roi With Email MarketingMon, 28 Apr
pWith so many online marketing tools and strategies that are widely used today many find themselves forget about the importance and value of email marketing In a recent report released by the Direct Marketing Association email marketing yields more than 4300 ROI for businesses in the United States As the number of mobile users increase over the years it is expected that in the next 3 years online transactions will reach 32 trillion based on the Juniper Research For businesses and brands how do y

Five Advice On Growing Your E-commerce BusinessMon, 28 Apr
pBased on the current survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics about 72 of adults bought goods and services online With the increasing number of people using their mobile devices to access the Internet for online shopping this trend will continue to increase For a hrefhttpwwwhuntsvillewebdesignscomsmallbusinessecommercewebdesignhtmlecommerce store ownersa it is essential to find ways in order to be competitive in the online marketplacebr br strongKnow your target market and your uni

Advanced Mysql Query And Schema Tuning By Alexander Rubin Or PerconaThu, 01 Aug
pLast week I participated in a terrific webinar on MySql performance Lots of pertinent information on BTREE indexing group by and order by queries and creating keysppUsing the left most key to create really fast database search queries was an eye opener Covered indexes were also coveredppI use MySql everyday and did not realize how simple changes to the structure of your queries makes a big difference in the number of rows searched and the speed at which queries are executedppLoose index scan ve

Using Great Content To Increase Links To Your Huntsville WebsiteSat, 08 Jun
pThere are a lot of content writers who compose mundane content and expect a receive link love and positive feedback In life we get what we give we reap what we sow a hrefhttpwwwbraftoncomblogcontentmarketingrecapmay2013Great contenta full of valuable information will get twitted commented on mentioned on Facebook referred to by other webmasters emailed to friends and get relinked over and over againppMeaning your content must be link worthy to get linked On a serious note creating mediocre cont

Over 200 Ranking Factors, How Does Your Huntsville Website Rank?Mon, 03 Jun
pHow does a regular website owner navigate to the top of page one of Google It is done by writing good content and keeping hisher site optimized with relevant keywords in hisher industry Geo location etc Well at least this is what most website owners generally think But there are more to it than meet the eyeppSEO has come a long way from 1999 It has gotten more complex with a host of variables considered by Google when ranking websitesppYes it is true that Huntsville business owners should spend